PLEASE PRAY TODAY: Baby – Prayer Request from Esther, India

Yessappa egaluku baby tharanumnu prayer pannuga, kadan adaikanum, kadaila nalla viyapaaram aka, husband belavinam mari nalla sigathoda iruka….thank you yessappa ellam ella nanmaium seiya porathuku… Thank you jesus..

  • Esther Rajathi
  • Female
  • India
  • Christian
  • Nothing

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1 Comment on "PLEASE PRAY TODAY: Baby – Prayer Request from Esther, India"

  1. Most gracious and loving heavenly Father, we bring Esther from India before Your throne of grace right now and place her prayer requests before You.

    Father, we pray for the fruit of her womb. Father, we pray that You bless the couple with a baby very soon.

    Also, we pray for her debts. Father, we pray that they become a lender to many and not borrowers and let them payback all their debts very soon.

    Also, Father, we pray for the shop. Let the business flourish and let them be a blessing to many around them.

    Also, Father, we pray for her husband’s health. We pray that You bless him with good health and strength and let them be Your witnesses whereever You have placed them.

    We thank You for her faith and confession that You are going to give her all the good things.

    Father, we pray that You hear and answer our prayers and help us to hear very soon from Esther all the good news.

    We commit Esther and her prayer requests to Your will and Your care.

    We give You all the glory, honor and praise.

    We ask all these things in the precious name of our Savior and our Lord, Christ Jesus.


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